What We Do

With over seven years of recruiting experience in the competitive Silicon Valley market, Aronow Recruiting provides personalized service to both job seekers and hiring teams. We strive to find the best possible fit while drastically reducing time to hire.

As a full service recruiting organization, we provide consultative services to job seekers and companies with a focus on creating dynamic, inclusive, and successful organizations.

Technical Focus

Engineering candidates need someone who can speak their language. Completing courses in Ruby, Python, Bash, and CCNA prep have put is in a unique position to help assure the best technical fit.

Jenna continues to hone her recruiting skills by completing the intensive Adler Group recruiting certification program as well as speaking on Talent Ops panels and providing training for junior and aspiring recruiters.

Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Aronow Recruiting strongly believes that a workforce of diverse backgrounds create the most successful teams. In this spirit, we offer specialized sourcing services for candidates of underrepresented groups as well as diversity and inclusion training for internal hiring teams.

Jenna has worked as a Diversity and Inclusion consultant for companies such as Netflix, Patreon, and Nava PBC and actively seeks to aid companies in understanding and creating inclusive environments.

Jenna's article on diversity in the university setting was accepted and presented at the New York State Communication Association's annual conference.